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Acupressure Ball Manufacturer

Grip Acupressure Ball

Acupressure Ball is a best tool to provide a good therapy that would help in aiding muscle relaxation. It is a combination of hand reflexology, acupressure and other techniques. They are available in different materials like plastic, rubber, etc. The spikes on the acupressure ball applies pressure against your body surface and helps to release energy and activates the pressure points. These acupressure balls can also be placed down, below your feet in the arch and can be pressed against each other to enhance circulation and movement.

Things to remember while using grip acupressure ball

You should use and press the grip acupressure balls for at least 3-5 minutes as this will assure proper pressure is applied on the pressure points. Do not push too hard as it could cause bruising and skin damage. Whenever you are using an acupressure ball, make sure you roll it in a steady slow speed. If you apply higher pressure and move the ball at high speed, your palms, feet or wrists may not receive proper pressure as you cannot apply enough pressure on it as the ball quickly moves over to the next. You can repeat this process 4-5 times after each set.

How do you purchase an ideal acupressure ball?

  • Hardness: Acupressure balls are both hard and soft depending upon their material and build. You must choose wisely between the type of ball you need and the one most suitable for use. For example, if you need a ball for your feet, its better you use the hard, wooden ball as it will not get depressed on the floor while you apply pressure through your feet. If you wish to use acupressure ball for delicate parts of your body like neck or palm, you must opt for a rubber ball which is softer enough to avoid any damage to your skin.
  • Size: Acupressure balls can vary in size from each other. The most common acupressure balls are in a size range of 3-4 inches. The size is ideal to fit in your palm and is the perfect pick for all the acupressure objects user. You can also select a larger size if you want to use the ball for your buttocks or thighs. Therefore you can quickly choose from the different sizes and materials and select the best one as compared to your convenience.
  • Spike Sharpness: Acupressure Balls are made up of hundreds of spikes on their surface. These spikes act as primary performing medium for acupressure. When you press these against your hand or body, it generates an active response. Make sure the spikes on the balls are not extra sharp since more sharpness could lead to more damage on the skin. It can also cause bruises, abrasion, etc.

Features and Specifications of Grip Yoga Acupressure Ball

  • Grip yoga acupressure ball is made up of a premium quality wooden material.
  • Highly portable grip acupressure ball.
  • Extremely affordable acupressure ball and very easy to use.

Acupressure ball helps to enhance blood circulation, ease up a migraine, other pains, reduces stress and much more.