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Wooden Relaxing
Acupressure Slippers

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Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy that typically involves applying pressure to specific areas to heal and promote wellness. It can help with pain relief, stress reduction, improving blood circulation and promoting overall relaxation. The popularity of the acupressure series is in the fact that it is non-invasive and complements conventional medical treatments.

Wide Range of Acupressure Accessories

To achieve the best benefits of this therapy, one should invest in premium quality accessories that can enhance productivity levels. Here is our acupressure series for you to explore and binge-shop!

Grip Acupressure Mat & Pillow Combo

The Mat comes with hundreds of pressure points to lie down and experience utmost relaxation. You can start with 10 minutes every day and extend this time as you feel comfortable.

Grip Wooden Acupressure Roller

This wooden roller is apt for full-body massage and helps maintain blood pressure. It rolls smoothly on your body and improves blood circulation to remove blockages or muscle spasms.

Grip Acupressure Ring

It is a portable self-massage tool in our acupressure series that can activate the pressure points in your fingers. You can roll the ring on your finger and move it up and down around 20 times for best results.

Grip Acupressure Ball

Another self-massage tool that lets you heal aches all by yourself from the comfort of your home. It rolls on your body parts, particularly the neck, feet, legs and shoulders, releasing muscle pains or stiffness. You can buy it in different colours and start using it right away!

Grip Wooden Finger Massager 

It is a wooden self-massage roller with a handle that makes the movements convenient. Use it to make your fingers slender and release tension or stiffness from the muscles, if there is any. It is a must-buy accessory in the acupressure series for people who work on computers for a long time.

Grip Wooden Relaxing Acupressure Slippers

These slippers are based on the concept of reflexology to relax your feet as you walk. The pressure points on your feet not only heal the foot aches, but have a remarkable impact on various other body parts.

Grip Acupressure Pen

Use the acupressure pen to relax your muscles and feel energetic within seconds. You can press the top of the pen on specific body parts, like your fingertips to feel relaxation or roll the handle like a roller to target bigger muscles.

Grip Acupressure Massager For Neck

The grip neck pillow has a built-in stimulator to target specific acupressure points and reduce neck stiffness or pains. It has a high-density cotton core that comforts the neck and lets you use it on the go.

Grip Acupressure Roller

It is a foam roller with flexible bumps that provides massages and acupressure at the same time. This foam roller comes in a travel-size version, making it convenient to use wherever you want.

Choosing the Right Accessory

Grip offers a wide range of premium quality accessories in the acupressure series that make the therapy accessible and highly productive for you. If you are overwhelmed with the available options, here are the tips to narrow the choices and make a purchase.

Sort Your Requirements

Make sure you have a clear idea of the category and the specifications you need in your acupressure accessories. It will help you filter the irrelevant options.

Thorough Research

Dig deeper into the details and ensure that you check the specifications and purpose of the accessory before to avoid regretting your purchase later.

Quality is Paramount

Always keep quality over everything else. Do not fall for cheap products, as it will only put you in the vicious cycle of repurchase or repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How does the acupressure ring help?

This ring improves the blood circulation in your fingers helps improve anxiety, and relieves stress.

  1. How often can I wear acupressure slippers?

You can start by wearing it for 10-15 minutes and keep increasing the time as you feel comfortable.

  1. Can I sleep on the acupressure mat & pillow?

It is not recommended. You can lie down on it for as long as you feel comfortable.