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Grip Acupressure Ring

There are various acupressure tools which are used to provide both mental and physical relief. Among those Acupressure tools, one prominent one is acupressure rings. These rings can be significantly used to tackle anxiety, migraines, and other body issues. Acupressure rings are small enough to fit and encircle your fingers aptly and give you proper relief in unexpected ways.

These acupressure rings have been quite popular in the market due to the easy availability, portability, and effectiveness. Grip acupressure rings are extremely beneficial for mental and physical relaxation. These rings are a good source of releasing negative energy from the body by applying pressure on the fingers.

How do Acupressure Rings work?

Acupressure rings are structured to apply enough pressure on the fingers without piercing the skin. These rings are made up of triangular-shaped spikes and can easily fit your finger’s circumference. These triangular spikes provide enough bearable pressure on your fingers to ease up your mind and press the various pressure points on your body.

You can also rotate the ring continuously in your finger to increse your focusing and concentration ability. Moving your ring in a particular motion prevents any form of distraction from bugging you continuously.

All you have to do is roll the acupressure ring up and down your finger for about 15-20 times. It allows you to focus your attention on essential things. It is recommended to use this grip acupressure rings daily. You can wear these rings while doing any activity like reading, writing, using computers, etc.

Benefits of using Grip Acupressure Rings

  • Grip Acupressure Rings are used to relieving stress and anxiety.
  • It helps to reduce migraine headaches, etc.
  • Rolling down these acupressure rings also help to relieve the menstrual cramps and body ache.
  • It provides continuous stimulation in your finger, giving warmth and enhancing circulation.
  • Grip Acupressure Rings generates positive energy and creates a sense of calm and freshness.
  • It eases up the negative thoughts and helps to fall asleep faster.
  • Grip Acupressure rings also increase the concentration power and allows you to focus properly.

Features and Specifications of Grip Yoga Acupressure Rings

  • Grip Yoga Acupressure rings are made up of metal and are spiked triangular.
  • Highly durable and strong

Science Behind Grip Acupressure Rings

Grip Acupressure is solely based on the concept of the release of energy from the body across a particular line by the application of pressure. Usually, every finger has its specific stress points which have different target functions. Acupressure Rings can be worn over all the four fingers and thumb with every finger pressure leading to a different physiological effect. For example, the index finger significantly impacts our large intestine while the thumb is related to our lungs.

One must remember a few points when using an acupressure ring. A few of the points include:

  • While using acupressure rings, do not apply excess external pressure over your fingers as it may lead to abrasion, bruising, and damage to the skin tissues. It is better if you gently touch the acupressure ring and rotate it.
  • Remember, not to leave a tight acupressure ring resting on your finger as it may stop the blood circulation in that part opposing the benefits caused by the ring.