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Grip Yoga Bolsters

Comfort And Exercise With Grip Yoga Bolsters

Yoga is the ultimate way of healing and rejuvenating our soul and body. No matter whether you are a passionate yoga practitioner or a beginner, you might already be aware of the fascinating benefits which are inculcated in oneself through yoga. Staying fit, relaxed and healthy are the key benefits of doing yoga. Yoga is all about postures and meditation. You perform several asanas, stretching and meditative poses in your daily routine. But many factors restrict your body movement and can lead to pain or imposture.

If you are performing yoga, you should have proper equipment and accessories to support your body and posture. The use of Yoga mats and pillow bolsters help a lot in providing proper surface and ambience for performing yoga.

Why are the grip yoga bolsters recommended?

Grip Yoga Bolsters help to ease up the bodily movement during the yogic exercises. They can be used to provide comfort and used as props over the Yoga mat to help you achieve the difficult and tricky yoga gestures.

In simpler terms, yoga bolsters are like cushions filled with cotton or some type of soft material which can be used while performing various yoga asanas. Grip Yoga Bolsters are the best add-ons while doing any meditative or corrective asana, which can help your body achieve maximum benefits through yoga. They can also be used as a part of the routine to provide extra comfort and relief.

Types of Grip Yoga Bolsters

Grip Yoga Bolsters are of various kinds. They can be differentiated based on the material filling and the shape of bolsters. Fabric used can also be a significant factor for classification.

Round Yoga Bolsters: Round Yoga Bolsters are round in shape and can be used as a replacement for standard yoga bolsters to perform different asanas. They are highly comfortable and useful. This type of yoga bolster can be used for providing an extra support while performing asanas like Savasana, Viparitkari Asana, etc.

Standard Yoga Bolster: Standard Yoga Bolsters can be used for restorative yoga. These are amongst the commonly used yoga bolsters globally. Standard bolsters are flat and wide, making them ideal for restorative asanas. They are stable, durable and long-lasting. Firmness is amongst the top features of standard yoga bolsters.

Pranayama Bolsters: Pranayama Bolsters can be kept below your lower back or neck when performing pranayama. These bolsters are strong, firm and have the same length as that of standard or round bolsters. They are narrower as compared to other bolsters and are prominently used for pranayama asanas. Also, you can use them below your knees for extra support while bending or doing some other activity. Pranayama also helps to enhance breathing and inhaling.

Junior Bolsters:  Excellent for passive chest opening. These bolsters have the same length and firmness as others but have a smaller width. Junior bolsters support torso and also help in relaxing the arms and shoulders.

Benefits of using a Grip Yoga Bolster

  • Relaxation: Grip Yoga Bolsters help to relax your body and ease your muscles. They are the right choice to lessen up the pain and revitalize your arms, back and legs. You can place these grip yoga bolsters down your neck or lower back and observe the change. They help to open up muscles and rejuvenate your body by assisting you while performing different asanas and gestures.
  • Body Support: Grip Yoga Bolsters are known to provide support and strength to your body. They can easily support your entire torso. They can also be used to support legs, lower back and neck. You can use them to perform many different asanas. They support your body postures.
  • Posture: Grip Yoga Bolsters are used for many types of restorative asanas. They help to improve your posture and enhance your bodily movement. You can use these bolsters to provide support while performing different kinds of postures. You can place it under your lower back or hips and alleviate your spinal pain. These bolsters help in rehabilitation and support of different body structures like legs, arms, neck and spine.
  • Circulation Of Blood: As they enhance and improve your posture, they also enhance the blood circulation in the body. It allows the body to open up and loosen, which enhances the blood flow to the various organs of your body.
  • Reduce Swelling: Swelling and inflammation occurs in our body due to strenuous exercises, wear and tear and several other motions. Using yoga Bolsters can scientifically help to reduce the swelling over the affected area as it would provide a support surface and also reduce inflammation. Actually, it relaxes our body and helps in proper blow flow.

Usage of Grip Yoga Bolsters

  • Restorative Asanas: Whenever you are performing restorative poses, these bolsters can be used to provide additional support and enhance your posture. These can be used to support your back, legs or hips. Indeed , when you are performing a backbend or knee bend, these bolsters can provide comfort and ease up the extra pain. Also, they open up your chest muscles and other body parts. These postures improve your digestion process and enhance metabolism.
  • Inversion Postures: Performing inverted postures with legs up and head down can be very stressful or painful. You can place the grip yoga bolsters below your back or beneath your legs or neck. They ease up the pain and put less strain over your body.
  • Heart Chakra Opener: This posture opens up and relaxes your spine, shoulders, chest and other muscles. For performing this, one must place the bolster behind the body touching the lower back. Slowly and gradually try placing your head over the bolster and rest your back over it. Leave your arms to lose by the side and feel the opening of muscles of chest and shoulders.

Bottom line

Grip Yoga Bolsters are highly useful and practical for performing different yogic asanas and poses. They support your body and help to rejuvenate your muscles and organs. These bolsters are highly comfortable and ease up your pain. You can use them for providing bodily support and enhancing the blood circulation level.