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Grip Zabutons

Experience the Excellence of yoga accessories with - Grip Zabutons

Cultural Significance of Zabutons.

Zabuton Cushions are amongst the traditional pillows that are widely used in Japan for sitting and relaxing. These are rectangular shaped pillows that make sitting and kneeling on the floor more comfortable and relaxing. These cushions hold special importance in Japanese culture but now are quite integrated into different cultures owing to their benefits and assistance in yoga and meditation. Usually, Zabutons were treated as a symbol of status and wealth.

They were traditionally placed on the Tatami mats to sit over and were considered as an enriching object marking influence, wealth, and power. Slowly after they were filled with cotton padding and acquired properties of firmness and stability, they were made luxurious, comfortable, and elegant.

Nowadays, Zabutons are more common and easy to purchase. You can find them placed in restaurants, sofas, and various households. They are also used as an essential yoga accessory owing to their meditative use and comfortable seating.

Zabutons have a slightly rounded top and can be designed in various colors and prints. The usual rectangular shape remains the same. Grip Zabutons are an excellent choice for your home and can be used for multiple purposes and benefits.

Uses of Grip Zabutons!

Grip Zabutons are known to provide many benefits and are used for a multitude of things. The primary uses of Grip international’s exclusively developed ‘Grip Zabuton’ are more than just sitting or meditating. They have quite a role in our day to day life.

1. Meditation: The most essential usage of Grip Zabutons involves meditation and relaxation. The rounded top and rectangular fluffy cushions shape make it an ideal choice for use while meditating. It enhances the postures and provides a high degree of comfort. It allows us to meditate for more extended periods of time without experiencing fatigue.

2. Infant Cushions: Zabutons are ideally used for providing comfort and safety to the toddlers and babies. Grip Zabutons can be placed over the playing mattress or below the baby to assist in changing and offer a comfortable position.

3. Chairs: Grip Zabutons are a perfect fit to make seating on a chair more comfortable. They can be placed on the chairs in restaurants or houses to provide a comfortable space and the appropriate seating posture. They also give an attractive look to your furniture ( chairs/ sofas).

4. Yoga: Yogic Exercises and poses are best complemented with grip Zabutons to anchor and assist our body postures and bearing. You can rest your head, feet, or back on a zabuton while performing certain poses. It not only makes the body position comfortable but helps us to stay in the right posture for a longer time without getting tired.

5. Other Uses: Grip Zabutons can be used to sit on the floors or mats with your family while playing board games, cards, or other indoor activities. They can also be used for making a proper seating arrangement on the floor during a storytelling event as in Japan, famously known as Rakugo.

Therefore Grip Zabutons are an ideal pick for your yoga needs.

How to sit correctly on a Grip Zabuton?
Seating on a Grip Zabuton is very comfortable and helps to relax your muscles and body. Traditionally the sitting posture is more of Seiza style, which involves kneeling on the floor with legs tucked behind your back. However, you can also sit in a cross-legged position and other ideal meditative poses.

Grip Zabutons provide a great deal of comfort along and a very fluffy support surface. They do not let your knees or hips feel the impact. The incredibly soft, fluffy, and beautiful design of Grip Zabutons makes them an exceptionally ideal buying option.

Features of Grip Yoga Zabutons:
Grip Yoga Zabutons have specific quality features that make them the most reliable meditating cushions.

Filling: Grip Zabutons are cotton filled paddy cushions, rectangular in shape. They are quite fluffy and comfortable.
Combinations: Can be used in combination with grip yoga zafu, meditation cushion, or crescent-shaped cushions.
High-quality Fabrics: Grip Zabutons are made up of high-quality cotton. Various designs and colors of Zabutons are available. You can select from several prints and designs.
Comfortable: Grip Zabutons are very comfortable and adjustable. They support your knees, hips, necks, and other muscles. They reduce fatigue and pain.
Durable: Grip Yoga Zabutons are long-lasting and highly durable. They don’t wear out quickly and are highly resistant to impact, dust, etc.

Dimensions and specifications
Weight of Grip Yoga Zabutons range from 2.2kg, 2.75 kg to 3.0 kg.
They are available in three sizes:

90 x 70 x 6 cm
80 x 70 x 7cm
70 x 60 x 5cm

How to use a Grip Zafu Zabuton set?
Grip Zafu and Zabuton cushions are an ideal combination for performing meditation and other yogic poses. They are quite effective and provide a high level of comfort. These combinations offer support to your knees and ankles. They will help to tilt your pelvis forward, thereby resulting in the right alignment of your spine.

Wrong posture and alignment could cause pain, soreness, and rigidness in the body. The set of combinations of Grip Zafu and Grip Zabuton makes sure your head, spine, and the pelvis is aligned in a proper line and direction. Once you are comfortable with your set of grip yoga zafu and grip zabuton, you are likely to stay in a meditation pose for much longer than before.

Ideal Meditation Poses performed using Grip Zabuton.
Half-lotus or full lotus pose is the most ideal and prominent meditative posture. This posture can be achieved accurately within your comfort zone by using a proper grip zafu and grip zabuton combination.
● Firstly, sit on a grip zabuton with your back properly erected. It is important that the body is in proper alignment.
● Cross your legs against each other and tuck the grip yoga zafu under your tush or in between the legs.
● Finally, you are in a proper meditative position that meets both the necessities of proper posture and the level of comfort.

No matter if you are a yoga and fitness enthusiast or a beginner knowing the usage and benefits of a grip zabuton cushion while performing yoga or meditation would be excessively useful. They serve as excellent cushions for meditation and can be purchased online with a combination of Grip zafu, and Grip yoga bolsters.

So check the Grip international’s website now to order your own Grip yoga products!