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Eye Pillow Manufacturer

Grip Eye Pillows

It’s time for a little eye rejuvenation! The whole day your eyes are continuously exposed to dirt, air, chemical irritants and much more. Your eyes start looking dull and tired after some time.

Owing to the sensitivity of eyes towards light and relentless exposure, the concept and idea of eye pillow have come to force. Even a single minute of relaxation after the hectic schedule matters a lot. Grip Eye Pillows have gained massive customer base due to their soothing effect on the eyes. These pillows are available in different shades and have different filling materials.

Why Use Grip Eye Pillows?

Grip Eye Pillows work as a vital rehabilitation therapy which rejuvenates your eye after the wear and tear of the day. Eye pillows come handy every day and prove to be very effective care equipment for your eyes. Most importantly, they help your eyes to rejuvenate by giving them rest and helps to tackle the excess sensitivity of lights. These pillows are designed in a way that they do not even let a bleak amount of light enter your eye. This creates a dark, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere around your eyes and also leaves a lasting soothing effect. Use these pillows when you are stressed out, wear them and sit or lie down peacefully. It somehow affects your thinking capability and does not allow your mind to get distracted by the things they see or thoughts that come across.

Types of Eye Pillow

Grip eye pillow are usually made up of fabric like cotton, satin and silk. Apart from the fabric, some eye pillow are infused with fragrant oils which leave a relaxing and freshening effect on your eyes. Also, many types of pillows are filled with scented and non-scented herbs like Flax seeds, lavender, eucalyptus, etc. These herbs have their benefits, which are very effective in reducing headaches, stress and also allows your eyes to stay calm and cool. Different people prefer different kinds of eye pillow based upon their need.

Features Of Grip Eye Pillows

  • Grip Pillows have removable cotton and silk cover.
  • Made with 100% pure cotton.
  • Filled with natural flax seeds.
  • Have lavender fragrance.
Benefits of using Grip eye pillows

Using Grip eye pillows have excellent benefits on your eyes and mind. They are very soft, smooth and effortless to your eyes.

  • Grip Eye Pillows have significantly been used as a part of Aromatherapy with an infusion of scented herbs and oils. These filling materials successively reduce the impact on your eye and keeps you calm and relaxed.
  • Although it may sound confusing or unrealistic, but yes, flax seeds in the eye pillow serve as acupressure providing material, which by applying some pressure to your eyes, leaves a positive impact. It reduces headaches and helps to overcome the stress over your brows.
  • Therapeutic effects of eye pillow are also profound owing to the use of medicinal herbs like lavender and eucalyptus. These herbs are known to reduce headaches, treat anxiety and insomnia.

Most importantly grip eye pillows relax your nerves. Overexposure to light, televisions and mobiles could cause an itchy, burning sensation in your eyes which can be relieved by using these pillows. This proves to be effective since they completely block the passage of light and irritants and helps the eye muscles and nerves to relax down.