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Grip Yoga Crescent Cushion

Grip Yoga Crescent Cushion

Are you tired of extensive pain in your knees or joints when performing yoga? Looking for meditative cushions? Grip Yoga Crescent Cushions are a great choice that assist in the meditative and yogic exercises. Usually, meditation involves sitting in an idle posture for a long time. Aimed to provide relaxation and harmony while meditating or performing yoga. As certain yoga/meditative poses could also lead to joint and back pains due to the body’s inability to withstand such long-term exposure.

To rescue your selves from the pain and discomfort caused due to improper surfaces and posture during meditating, grip yoga crescent cushions are an ideal choice. Usually, the meditative pillows come in various shapes and sizes, often named Zafu, Zabuton, or crescent cushion. All of these help to reduce pain and increase the level of comfort while meditating.

Characteristics of Grip Yoga Crescent Cushion

Adjustable: Grip Yoga Crescent cushions are size adjustable. You can change them by removing the filling out of it or adding more into it. This makes them a convenient option to purchase since they can be adjusted according to an individual’s need.

Portable and Lightweight: Grip international’s Crescent Cushion is exceptionally lightweight and compact. You can carry them from one place to another as they are portable. Suppose you are going out to a gym or yoga center, you can easily take it with you. You can also carry them when you are going for a vacation to provide you the comfort that you deserve.

Zippers and Layers: Crescent Cushions are made up of two layers of cotton sheets. The on layer is filled with the bulk filling of cotton fibers while the other layers are empty with a hidden zipper on it. The zipper functionality can be related to the fact that the zipper can be opened up to adjust the crescent cushion size by simply removing or adding the filling.

Colorful Designs: Monotony of design is no longer a trend for healthcare and yoga accessories. You can purchase the crescent cushions full of color and different designs from various sites. Grip Yoga crescent cushions are made up of printed fabrics and are available in different shades.

Convenience Handle: Grip yoga crescent cushions are made very convenient by using handles made up of extended fabric. These handles or holders can be used to carry the cushion anywhere and increase its grip. It gives a tight grip and ideal holding space.

All these features increase the appeal and usage of the crescent-shaped cushions. You can use them for meditative poses, for providing relaxation, and to ease up the pain.

They can also range from one size to another as Grip Yoga crescent cushions are available in two dimensions:

  • 42 x 22 x 8 x 12cm and,
  • 40 x 20 x 20cm weighing about 1.8.

Meditation using Grip Crescent Shaped Cushion

You can use a grip crescent cushion to perform different meditative asanas. These asanas include:

Burmese Position: In this type of position, you sit on the half of a crescent-shaped cushion. You have to sit cross-legged with your left heel inside the depression. Your right thigh and right heel should touch your left foot. The knees’ sides should touch the ground surface, where you can place a grip yoga crescent cushion below the knees in order to extend support.

Easy Pose: As simple it seems, sit in a cross-legged position with your feet below your opposite knees. It is a simple posture, and you can use it for meditation if you are a beginner. If your hips feel tighter or painful, you can elevate them using a grip crescent cushion by placing it below your lower back.

Half Lotus Pose: Most common meditative postures, you sit in a cross-legged position with your right foot resting over your opposite thigh’s top. Your back should be erect with the spine properly aligned and head straight.

Full Lotus Pose: Full lotus pose owes to the proper alignment of one’s hips, shoulders, spine, and head. It is an entirely symmetrical position requiring a high level of flexibility. In this posture, you are cross-legged where your right foot is placed over the top of your left thigh while the left foot is placed over the top of the right thigh. This posture can specifically injure your knees or hips, and so it is better if you use a crescent-shaped Zafu or cushion to provide support and reduce fatigue.

Many other meditative postures are best performed with the use of meditative pillows since they increase our range of comfort and longevity for performing the various asanas.

Types Of Crescent Cushions

Crescent Cushions have a large number of benefits and can be used for different purposes. These are of various types depending upon size, material, and filling as given below:

  • Buckwheat Hulls Crescent Cushion:

These days, organic crescent cushions are quite trending. The use of buckwheat hulls as a bulk material for filling these cushions is very profound these days. Buckwheat hulls contribute a significant amount of quality, space, and strength to the crescent cushions. They are size adjustable and resistant to any form of dirt or insects. They are highly durable and act as excellent muscle pain relievers.

  • Cotton Made Crescent Cushion:

Cotton is the most commonly used raw material for crescent cushions and other kinds of Zafu. They are made up of cotton sheets and filled with the layers of cotton. Cotton filling in these cushions makes them incredibly soft and silky. They feel amazing to touch and are very firm to be used as meditative pillows.

  • Wool Filled Crescent Cushions: 

Crescent cushions are also filled with eco-friendly wool. The wool inside the pillows makes them soft and insulating. It keeps them warm, firm, and durable. Wool filled crescent cushions are excellent props that can be used to support the upper leg or lower back while performing yoga and doing meditation.


If you are looking for buying yoga accessories, you must not miss this one. Grip yoga cushions are the perfect choice for you and could greatly assist your muscle movement and support.