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Grip Yoga Retreat Center UP

Grip Yoga Retreat Center, Anand Ganga – An ideal place for yoga, meditation, retreat and to find peace, is located in Netala, Uttarkashi, below the foothills of Himalayas.


• This is a well known site for its ancient epics and scriptures.

• It is also renowned for its spirituality, positive vibes and natural beauty.

• It is surrounded by gigantic mountains, sparkling snow peaks behind which the sunsets (during winters) and engrossing forests.

• The Ganga river is only 10 meters away, which flows with utter grace and beauty. And practicing yoga at such a place is completely pleasing.

People from all across the world come here to relax, meditate, or join for satsang (sing devotional songs and chants)

You can experience and do several other activities in a calm environment of this place like write books, bathe in the Ganga, go for walks in the deep pine forests, or visit villages to see real and ethinic Indian culture.

We also offer several types of accommodation, yoga lessons, hikes and treks and other activities.

To Visit, kindly submit the details below, and we will touch base with you soon.