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Yoga Mat Online

How To Buy Yoga Mats Online ?

Whether you’re new to yoga or a professional yoga trainer, yoga mats are something that requires the most attention. There are various types of yoga mats and when buying yoga mats online, you need to be even more careful on which mat you choose. There are various factors that you need to consider while deciding which yoga mat is right for you. Let us give you some recommendations for the best yoga mats to buy online.

Here Are Some Factors That You Should Consider Before Buying Yoga Mats Online.

  • Materials
  • Texture
  • Eco-friendly
  • Thickness
  • Price Range
  • Reviews
1) Materials:

If you browse online, you see many different materials are used in yoga mats such as rubber, PVC, microfibre, jute and suede yoga mat. The material of your yoga mat also decides how good it is or not. For instance, if you are allergic to rubbers, then it’s better to choose natural material-based yoga mats. The material of your yoga mats can also decide its longevity and whether it needs high maintenance or not.

2) Texture:

While doing yoga, you don’t want a yoga mat that feels a little uncomfortable. Look for that yoga mat online that has a non-slippery texture and provides great grip. Your yoga mat should feel comfortable and not slippery.

3) Eco-Friendly:

Nowadays, almost every product has an eco-friendly version of it. Since more people are getting aware of global warming, people have started to buy more eco-friendly products that will not harm our environment. When buying yoga mats online, you should look for those mats that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Here at grip yoga, we only offer 100% natural and eco-friendly yoga mats that are just perfect for you.

4) Thickness:

The comfort level of your yoga mat is determined by its thickness. If too thin, then your knees and legs will get hurt while doing different yoga poses. Also, to get a better grip, you need a thick yoga mat. So the perfect thickness of a yoga mat is 1/4 inch. Make sure to remember it when buying yoga mats online.

5) Price Range:

There are so many sites that sell yoga mats online. However, most of them are very expensive. So when buying yoga mats online, always go through various websites to compare the price ranges and then decide on one that will not cut your pocket. Grip Yoga offers you original yoga mats at a very reasonable price.

6) Reviews:

This one is a must. You cannot buy a yoga mat online without checking its reviews. Since there are so many websites that sell yoga mats, you need to be even more careful when choosing a reliable website from where you can buy original and 100% natural yoga mats. Always check customer reviews before buying yoga mats online.

Which Brand of Yoga Mat is Best?

“GRIP” most popular brand of yoga mats:

Yoga Mats Online1.Grip Suede Yoga Mat: This is one of the most organic mats you can dream of. Our microfiber suede mat comes loaded with superb anti-slip properties and non reactive TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) material.

2.Grip Jute Yoga Mat: This yoga mat is crafted exclusively to offer a boost to your sheer dedication towards yoga and workouts.

3.Grip Cork Yoga Mat:  This yoga mat has been created using anti-bacterial rubberized cork material. The natural material is a sustainable resource that can be easily recycled and hence is non-hazardous to the environment.

Yoga Mats Online4.Grip Cotton Yoga Mat: Relax and experience the asanas on a natural cotton mat woven by hand in India near the birthplace of yoga. Easy to wash and maintain, feel the superior grip when used outdoors or indoors.

5.Grip Eva Yoga Mat: Facilitated by technically advanced process, we are presenting a distinguished collection of Eva Yoga Mat.

Grip Yoga is one of the trusted and top best online yoga mat selling sites in India. We offer 100% natural, homemade, sustainable, and recyclable yoga mats. All our mats are made with premium quality jute fibers and provide comfort and stability. For more details visit our website today.