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Yoga Mat Manufacturer

Importance of Buying the Right Yoga Mat

Are you looking for good Yoga Mat Manufacturers in India? Before you can learn where to buy a good yoga mat from, you must understand the significance of having a good yoga mat. Yoga mats these days are durable, of high quality, and even aesthetic.

Purchasing a quality yoga mat ensures you keep the correct postures, offers balance and comfort. Some qualities that you must consider when purchasing a new yoga mat are:

Cotton Yoga Mats
Mat Thickness

The thickness of a yoga mat depends on the type of yoga an individual practises and their body condition. For instance, someone with joint or back pain should go for a thicker mat as it doesn’t hurt them when they practice yoga positions. That preferring meditative-style yoga should also go for thicker mats. However, yoga practitioners who like to feel the floor should opt for mats with less thickness.


The texture of a yoga mat defines the traction it provides. Texture affects the sliding and slipping of an individual practising yoga. It is basically a physical barrier against sliding. Texture impacts how you feel when practising yoga and is a significant element when it comes to overall comfort. Texture can be either natural or man-made. Natural texture is dictated by the materials that yoga mat is made of, such as jute mats, are naturally a bit rough. Texture can also be created in the form of, say, raised bumps. PVC yoga mats, on the other hand, are extremely soft and don’t have any texture. If you are looking for comfort, then pick PVC but if you are an avid yoga practitioner, then go for textured yoga mats to prevent slipping. Textured mats are great for people who practice faster-paced yoga or include lots of standing and balancing poses in their session.

Eco-friendly Mats

It is not just our health but also the environment that benefits if you use eco-friendly yoga mats for your session. They are made from organic material and free from any toxic or bad chemicals. You must refrain from purchasing plastic mats as they negatively impact our environment and our body too. Eco-friendly mats are sustainable and can also be recycled. You can pick jute, cotton, suede, rubber, or cork mats. All these are organic and natural materials that are non-hazardous and offer anti-bacterial properties.

Anti-Slip Yoga Mats

Anti-slip yoga mats allow you to maintain your balance when changing your pose and keep your body in the required alignment. It is especially beneficial for people who perform flow-style yoga or standing poses in their yoga sessions.

Suede Yoga MatWhere to Purchase the Best Yoga Mats?

Grip Yoga is the leading Yoga Mat Manufacturer in India. They offer non-slip and comfortable yoga mats that elevate your yoga experience. There are a variety of yoga mats available in different types of material, style, thickness, texture, cost, etc. Yoga mats can be purchased directly from the website, or you can call their customer support to understand more details about the products they offer.