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Grip Acupressure Mats

Grip Acupressure Mats

Hectic Lifestyles and schedules have led to many lifestyle problems and health problems in people. There are times when you indulge in physical activities, you are prone to back pain, headaches, disk problems and much more. These physical problems are exclusively linked with mental health issues and directly reduce our efficiency. Acupressure is one of the best techniques, followed by physiotherapists and trainers. It helps to alleviate pain, reduce stress and relax your body. Acupressure mats are widely used these days to enhance your body health and improve body efficiency.

What is Acupressure?

Acupressure is a method of relieving pain and stress on our body by applying pressure. The pressure is applied to points located on our body which are considered as a potential source of energy. When we apply pressure, the energy from the body is released relieving the burden on our muscles or back. Acupressure is quite effective in relieving back pain, headaches and foot ache.

Why do you need Grip Acupressure Mats?

Grip Acupressure mats are known to provide many health benefits and are a convenient option for those who cannot devote a lot of time and money on acupressure sessions. The need of acupressure mats is quite ardent because of increased cases of back pain, body ache and physical health problems. Also, acupressure sessions and massage cost a lot of money with only one session ranging from 60-120$. Apart from that, you need fuel and time to go to the clinics or call an acupressure specialist at home. This consumes a lot of time which is not convenient owing to the busy lifestyle these days.

Acupressure mats are more convenient and money-saving options for keeping your body relaxed and reducing pain without paying a large amount of money for massages or waiting for the appointments. You can order your acupressure mat online and enjoy its exclusive benefits.

What is an Acupressure Mat?

Acupressure Mat is also known as Needle Stimulation Pad. Usually, these mats are covered with thousands of nubs made up of plastic. Whenever you lay on these mats, your body is pressed against these plastic nabs releasing energy and stress points. It aims at relieving the energy from the body from the surfaces that touch the plastic nubs. Acupressure mats are an affordable option and are easy to use. There is no need for a specific set of guidelines to work these out. You can use this when sitting, lying, doing work or watching TV. In the process, your body will be exposed to strain and pressure while you can uninterruptedly.

Usage and Benefits of Acupressure Mats

Acupressure Mats are highly used these days, especially by the working population who cannot spend time going to the clinics. Their benefits are purely coincidental and based on personal opinions of its user. Acupressure mats can be used to provide many benefits like:

Back Pain: Age-old tradition of curing back pain through acupressure is never forgotten. These acupressure mats are the easiest and affordable way to treat your back pain. This includes lying on the mat and pressing your body against the plastic nubs to release stress from the body. The grip yoga acupressure mats are used to relieve lower back pain, upper backache, etc.

Stress Reduction: Everyone is mentally stressed out these days. They keep on bragging about the family problems, financial issues, social issues which make them agitated and tensed. It also leads to hypertension. So laying on these acupressure mats is believed to release the negative energy from your body and relieves your mind and keeps it calm.

Insomnia: Sleep deprivation is amongst the most concerning issues faced by the youth and adults and elderly equally. Insomnia drains out power from the body and is the biggest factor promoting bad health. Grip Yoga Acupressure mats are known to relax the body and relieve any stress and negativity. It enhances our sleep-wake pattern and allows us to sleep better.

Stiff and tightened muscles: Physical activities usually incur a lot of wear and tear in our body. In the process, muscles of the body get fatigued and become incapable of performing efficiently. You can experience the soreness and tightness around your waist, lower back, thighs, etc. Acupressure mats are believed to open up and loosen our muscles with significant improvement in blood circulation in the body.

Acupressure and Acupuncture- the line of contrast?

Both acupressure and acupuncture are the medical techniques aimed at physical healing of the body. They function to reduce soreness, body aches, muscle fatigue without the use of medicines or ointments.

A significant contrast between acupressure and acupuncture techniques is that the former focuses on applying pressure on the body without piercing it. At the same time, the latter includes the use of needles to pull holes in the skin and achieve the goal of mental peace and physical health.

How to use Acupressure Mats?

Acupressure Mats can feel painful when you are sitting on them for the first time. Slowly your body gets used to the sharp needle-shaped nubs which further provide relaxation to our body.

  • To use Grip Acupressure Mat, firstly decide a surface to place your mat. You can either use it on Sofa or bed but putting it on a floor is an ideal and most effective option.
  • Sit on the grip yoga acupressure mat with your butt and lower back pressing against the sharp spikes of the mat.
  • Begin with using them when wearing a light and low thickness shirt and move on to using it barefaced if you can acclimatize with the piercing, sharp, pointing feeling.
  • Lay down on your mat with your weight evenly distributed over the entire acupressure mat.
  • People with underlying conditions like diabetes, hypertension, hypotension, skin allergies, etc. should avoid using the acupressure mat without the consultation of a proper doctor.


Grip Yoga Acupressure Mats can be used to alleviate pain and stress from your body. They have many benefits and are highly useful to loosen up your muscles. They are highly portable, use them whenever you want. There is no side effect of using an acupressure mat, but it is not recommended to the individuals with underlying health conditions like diabetes.