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Jute Mat Manufacturer

Why Should You Choose Jute Yoga Mats?

Doing regular yoga is the best way to lose extra pounds and keep yourself healthy and fit. But yoga mats can sometimes be uncomfortable and slippery. That’s why you need to choose only the best yoga mat that will give you a better grip and make you feel comfortable. Rubber and or PVC yoga mats may look fancier, but they don’t provide a good grip and are sometimes slippery. They’re also not good for your health or for the environment.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. — The Bhagavad Gita

Why Should You Opt For a Jute Yoga Mat?

You should always choose a yoga mat based on your comfort level and your needs. This is why considering a jute yoga mat can be a good thing. Here’s some benefits of choosing a jute yoga mat.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Less toxic and healthier
  • Recyclable
  • Choose the best comfort
  • Easy to clean
  • Better grip


1. Eco-friendly: Jute yoga mats are made out of 100% natural jute fibers, meaning they are safer than PVC yoga mats. And since they are made out of sustainable natural resources, they are also safer for our environment as well.

2. Less toxic and healthier: PVC mats often contain many potentially harmful toxic substances. While doing different yoga poses, we may directly or indirectly inhale those toxic substances. Jute yoga mats are made out of natural resources, so they don’t have any harmful toxic substances in them.

3. Recyclable: Jute yoga mats come from real jute fibers that are fully organic and recyclable. This means even if your yoga mat gets destroyed or ripped off, you don’t need to throw them right away.

4. Choose the best comfort: Unlike rubber or PVC yoga mats, jute yoga mats can give comfort to everyone. Jute yoga mats are best for people who have back pains and knee cap issues. They are thin and light, so you easily carry them around.

5. Easy to clean: We all have the bad habit of drinking or eating something while we do yoga. Deep stains can completely destroy your beautiful rubber or PVC mats. However, jute yoga mats are super easy to clean.

6. Better grip: Rubber or PVC yoga mats can sometimes be very slippery. You can cause an accident by losing your balance. Jute mats have better grip and stability so that you can continue your yoga sessions without any worries. 

Jute Yoga MatsHow to Choose The Best Jute Yoga Mat Manufacturer?

Once you have decided to choose your yoga mat, you need to choose the right jute yoga mat manufacturer company that can provide only high-quality jute yoga mats. However, with thousands of jute yoga mat manufacturers available in the market, it’s natural to get confused. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind. Ask them whether they are offering the followings:

  • Are they providing 100% natural jute fiber-based mats?
  • Are their jute yoga mats scientifically tested?
  • Do they offer perfect balance and grip?
  • Look for their reviews online.
  • Look at the price, if it’s too high or not.

Here at Gripyoga, we offer 100% natural, homemade, sustainable, and recyclable yoga mats. All our mats are made with premium quality jute fibers and provide comfort and stability.