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?We all come to our yoga mats for the first time for different reasons✌️
?Some want to gain flexibly and strength, others may want to heal an injury, and many unroll their mats to reduce stress and just want to bliss out in savasana (corpse pose)?
?But there comes a point after starting yoga to take the next step forward to advance your practice to keep yourself from hitting a plateau and just simply keep the trajectory of your growth headed forward.
?So while practicing advanced yoga asana yoga mat is the main equipment✌️
?So we have to choose the best Yoga Mat to achieve our goals?
?So I want to suggest you the best yoga mat that will help you to achieve your goals and the name of that Brand is Grip Yoga Mat?
? So what are the advantages of Grip Yoga Mat?
☑️Super Grip – Unique texture designed for a super grip even if you sweat profusely. Try it once and you will swear by its grip.
☑️Right Thickness – They have nailed right thickness they have good cushion to support your elbows and knees. And it makes advanced asana practice easy.
☑️Correct Weight – This mat is heavy enough to hold the ground and roll out flat each time. They have designed correctly.
☑️Versatile – Best suited for hot yoga, ashtanga, hatha, vinyasa, yin.
?And I recommend you the Yoga Mat from Grip Yoga ?
It’s the best choice one can have ?
@gripyoga @gripyogamat
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? So what are you waiting for
Checkout their website and book their products ?