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Keep yoga in daily routine to stay fit.

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Yoga Mat- An Essential For Your Workout Regime

Is your yoga mat wearing you down? It’s time to get a brand new yoga mat. Select one that is easy to carry around, comfortable, and keeps you stable. Mats these days are available in various materials, patterns, and colors. Your mats need to be portable and storable yet cushy and comfy. Yoga can change your life. So get home a mat that is just perfect for you.

You can use this guide for finding a yoga mats that you can be blissfully happy with- the one that suits your budget, values, lifestyle, priorities, and practice.

Guide to Buying a Perfect Yoga Mat

  • Material
  • Texture
  • Thickness
  • Stickiness
  • Price Range
  • Style
  • Material: This factor dictates the eco-friend, “give”, stickiness, texture, and surface. Mainly, most of the available yoga mats are made up of PVC, but there are new natural rubber, organic cotton, and jute versions available in the market.
  • Texture: The texture determines the traction your yoga mat is providing. Texture provides almost unnoticeable, small physical barriers. Go for cotton, jute, or rubber mat with a tactile pattern.
  • Thickness: The comfort of a yoga mat depends on its thickness. A mat that is too thick will not be able to allow you to make a connection with the floor, or a mat that is way too thin will not give enough cushioning. 1/8- inch thickness is mostly preferred.
  • Stickiness:  A sticky mat will ensure that you don’t slide when gliding from different poses. It assists you in staying in your pose and maintaining your alignment. Though PVC mats may have the highest stickiness, there is a chance that these get affected when dirty.
  • Price Range: Normally, a basic solid color plain stick yoga mat will have a low price. You will have to pay more for cool textures, logos or designs, premium thickness, and patterns, mainly the raised tactile pattern.
  • Style: Now that you have narrowed your choices by other factors, it’s time for you to go by the style. Go ahead and select your favorite print, pattern, or color.

Types of Yoga Mats – Grip Yoga

  1. Jute Yoga Mat: This yoga mat is crafted exclusively to offer a boost to your sheer dedication towards yoga and workouts.
  2. Rubber Yoga Mat: Facilitated by technically advanced process, we are presenting a distinguished collection of Rubber Yoga Mat.
  3. Cotton Yoga Mat: Relax and experience the asanas on a natural cotton mat woven by hand in India near the birthplace of yoga. Easy to wash and maintain, feel the superior grip when used outdoors or indoors.
  4. Cork Yoga Mat:  This yoga mat has been created using anti-bacterial rubberized cork material. The natural material is a sustainable resource that can be easily recycled and hence is non-hazardous to the environment.
  5. Suede Yoga Mat: This is one of the most organic mats you can dream of. Our microfiber suede mat comes loaded with superb anti-slip properties and non reactive TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) material.

Wrap up

We at Grip present an eminent collection of Eva Yoga Mat manufactured using the premium grade basic material in obedience to the recent market trends. Grip cork yoga mats is created with rubberized cock materials that are anti-bacterial. This mat is non-hazardous for the environment as the material can easily be recycled.

Grip yoga mats are perfect for your posture, prevent you from injury, improve the balance of your body, and have enough padding so that you feel comfortable during your practice session. Experience and relax the asanas on Grip’s natural cotton mat that is hand-woven in India.

Our yoga mat is exclusively crafted to provide a boost to your devotion to workouts and yoga. Our suede yoga mat is among the organic mats you might dream of. The surface gives you superb grip and absorbs maximum sweat. Stay fit and keeps yoga in daily life.

FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is the right thickness for a yoga mat?

Take a yoga mat which is a little thick. However, the thickness should not be more than 12″

Q2. Which type of yoga mat is best?

To practice yoga many years ago, there was no yoga equipment. Doing yoga is good for your health, as it relaxes both the mind and the body. This obviously has to be done on a yoga mat. Like Jute Yoga Mat, Rubber Yoga Mat, Cotton Yoga Mat, Cork Yoga Mat, Suede Yoga Mat etc.

Q3. What is the point of using a yoga mat?

If you are buying a yoga mat for senior people, then buy a yoga mat of at least 10 to 12 mm. On the other hand, if you are buying a yoga mat for a person who likes to do asana sitting on the ground after a posture, then you can choose a yoga mat up to 6-10 mm for them.

Q4. Which is the best yoga mat for beginners?

If you are buying a yoga mat for senior people, then buy a yoga mat of at least 10 to 12 mm. On the other hand, if you are buying a yoga mat for a person who likes to do asana sitting on the ground after a posture, then you can choose a yoga mat up to 6-10 mm for them.

Q5. Which is better 4mm or 6mm yoga mat?

A thickness is very important for yoga mat. Although 4mm and 6mm yoga mats are good yoga mat thicknesses, and as such are very commonly used yoga mats. The difference is that 6mm yoga mats provide that extra cushioning which may offer your joints a little extra cushioning.